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What do we collect?

Our Privacy Policy:

We are very dedicated in protecting your personal information and will make every reasonable effort to handle collected information as secretive as possible. All information collected, as well as related requests, will be handled as carefully and efficiently as possible in accordance with european/international law and our standards for integrity , objectivity and common sense.

We collect and maintain certain information (including e-mail addresses, IP addresses, names, geographic information, etc.) on many of our sites and via forms (online and offline). This is done to help us provide you with the best service and with valuable information regarding relevant products and services from us and appropriate third parties. We do NOT sell or pass on these private datas to third parties.

By all means we will try to avoid any feeds to the NSA or any other ‚snoopers‘ and try to keep those guys off your back as best as possible. We or other trusted third parties may place cookies onto your computer when you visit our sites. But don’t worry these cookies are placed to keep track of some of the web searches, clicks, and site/section visits you make while on our sites, and in using these information anonymously we are able to customize our advertisements and content displayed to you so we can keep track of your response to each ad. None of our trusted third parties nor us are able to use this information to identify you personally.

Unless you indicate to us that you do not want to receive information, we reserve the right to allow certain trusted third party vendors to provide you with information about products and services. We also reserve the right to send electronic mail to you to inform you of changes or additions of our Services .We reserve also the right to disclose information about your usage and demographics, without revealing your personal identity in connection with the disclosure of such information. Advertisers on our Web site may collect and share personal information about you ,unless you inform us otherwise. We may contact you via e-mail regarding your participation in surveys, asking for feedback on current Services or prospective products and services. This information will only be used for improvements of our services provided . Given information in such surveys and sharing these is not intended.